We sell in Poland mainly the concentrates and bases of citrus and exotic fruit for production of juice, nectars and drinks as well as for production of ice-cream and dairy products – manufactured by Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd. factory in Israel. We offer the concentrates and bases of the following fruits: orange, white, pink and red grapefruit, lemon, lime, pineapple, mango, peach, apricot, prickly pear, pomegranate, kiwi, passiflora and multifruit (tropical) blends.

Most of the products of Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd. are “tailor made” and are manufactured to meet customers’ specifications and their needs for specific applications.

Infomation pertaining to Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd. full offer and capabilities is available at their web site. If interested – click at the Gan Shmuel logo on the left


Our products are packed in multi-layer polyethylene bags and stuffed into drums or cartons. In Poland we sell goods in packages of two kinds and sizes.

bag in 210 liter metal drums
bag in 23 liter cartons

**Note: net weight of each product in the package varies depending on its density

Preservation of the products

In Poland we sell products preserved in two ways.

  1. Frozen.
    During the production the goods are frozen, packed as above, transported in reefer containers and stored at Viands in our own cold store at -18 deg. C, to protect its best quality.
  2. Aseptic.
    During the production the goods are heat treated in a quick and short process, packed into the sterile bags in sterile condition, what devoids the product of all the microorganisms and protects against their penetration. The goods preserved this way may be transported and stored at ambient temperatures. However, in order to maintain the organoleptic virtues at their best, Viands stores aseptically packed goods in our own cold store at -18 deg. C