Viands Sp. z o.o. is a direct importer of food.

We offer two groups of products.

The first group consists of imported fruit concentrates for production of juice, nectars and drinks as well as for production of ice-cream and dairy products.

Our main supplier is Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd. of Israel – producer and the biggest exporter of processed food in this country. The factory has 60 years of experience, ISO 9002, HACCP and other certificates. Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd. exports its goods to many respectable customers in Europe and Asia. Their products have been sold in Poland for over 20 years.

The goods can be purchased in two ways:

  • direct import from the factory in Israel,
  • from Viands Sp. z o.o. from our own cold store in Grójec in PLN (duty paid).

We also sell frozen cranberry concentrated juice in drums.

The second group comprises delicacies for consumers requesting exceptional products. Each of these staples is imported from the country and the region famous for its production and is supplied by a renowned producer.

We sell:
- NFC Citrus Juice from Israel,
- Olive Oil from Tuscany in Italy,
- Organic Olive Oil from Calabria in Italy,
- Hot Sauces from Republic of South Africa,
- Maple Syrup from Quebec in Canada,
- Balsamic Vinegar from Modena in Italy,
- NFC Cranberry juice from Canada in drums or glass botlles.
- NFC berry juice,
- NFC bio citrus juice,
- Organic vegetable oils from France,
- Exotic vegatable oils from South Africa,
- Organic wild rice from Canada.
- Tracklements from U.K,
- Foie gras from France,
- PAPPADEW™ from South Africa.